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Wedding's 5 tips

Wedding's 5 tips

Is to choose the wedding company and the confused new people quickly take a look at the following tips:

wedding's 5 tips

1, brand awareness,  

Select the wedding should have brand awareness, nice wedding some larger company has established its own system of services, the management is very formal, there are credibility and some small companies although charges may be cheaper, but the service of "cheapening". Therefore, does not recommend that you do not spend the effort on the bargain, that price as low as possible cost-effective, to know the quality of service costs are high, might as well spend a little money to buy rest assured buying service.

2, carefully selected

wedding company currently on the market varies greatly, there are formal, complete service and price, there are "shell companies" in the wedding season advertised fishing for a few votes. So in selecting a wedding company must not only look at ads or believe his boast, wide-eyed and make their own judgment. Recommendations when choosing a wedding to see if he had a business license, whether there is a formal agreement, whether planning Chair wedding    ceremony information, in addition, the quality of reception staff can also indirectly reflects the pros and cons of a wedding company.

3, to make an early decision

wedding, please make arrangements for your wedding as soon as possible, don't wait until the last minute it has hastily decided, so as to avoid the service greatly reduced in a hurry. If your wedding is at 51, 11 ahead of the wedding season and wedding links, wedding car, hotel is very tight. In addition, early decision can give you your own screening room at the time, do more, and ultimately selected most satisfying wedding company.

4,   signing the contract;

after determining the wedding company, sign written contracts must not forget, this is the couple's security. Contracts should provide wedding services provided by the company, the couple must pay the amount, when payment, proportion of each payment, and what are the default if the company promised, and so on. Formal contract and informal, if it is a small company has just started, the couple carefully may submit a supplement to the contract the necessary content. In General, contracts, more details on the new more secure.

5, the balance of payments  

some wedding companies require all payments to settle the couple before the wedding, then you should argue for their interests. More secure methods of payment are: single day to pay a deposit of 20%-30%, after the start of the service, for example, has already met with the facilitator and makeup artist exchanges, then paid the balance of 50%, new to the rest of the money until the wedding day wedding company services are happy to pay.