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Wedding venue matching rules

Wedding venue matching rules

If you attend a wedding than many different wedding venues, is not difficult to find every wedding venue layout, full color match. Maybe you like the Orange, maybe you like purple, perhaps · · ·   Called the wedding will help you take care of these colors, decorated venue, but as the protagonist couple, still need to do your homework carefully, just in case.

1  lot of people like to use their favorite colors to decorate the wedding venue, but the favourite does not always have a good effect. Preferred, relatively soft colours as features of the wedding venues, such as beige, pale pink, pale purple.

2  wedding color is not more than three, or it will give people the feeling that very mess.

3  steady + soft-color is more suitable for Asian wedding choices.

4  white tablecloth can be used extensively because wild, no matter what kind of flowers are nice.

Classic bride

the most direct use of color you are best suited to traditional and complementary colors can eliminate boring wedding, makes the atmosphere more leisurely.

best served with: chocolate brown + green  &  traditional white lilac color +

bright-the bride

two kinds of bold colors and a calm color best foil to crisp your wedding will be very happy!

suggestion: black sesame seeds + chestnut brown + blue + silver


If your wedding is not exhausted, before color! Noise variety of bright colours together, which color is best for you, forward you enough bile wedding "brush" colorful?

bold idea: light silver + orange + yellow

outdoor wedding:

soothing blue-romantic

  eye-catching silver – beautiful

turquoise-the adventure

indoor wedding ceremony:

chocolate – sexy

violet – gorgeous