Guiyang wedding

Wedding trip

Wedding trip

Destination weddings are the reform of marriage, which in Western Europe and the United States has long been popular. With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, many of our young persons to take advantage of tourism opportunities, destination weddings.

        their marriage is a good serve several purposes: first, marriage leave, visit places of interest, famous mountains and great rivers, river landscape, you can broaden their horizons and, secondly, cost savings, easy peace of mind and avoid vulgar wedding and left good memories, make new mind pleasing, relaxing, immersed in happiness; and, third, less trouble to others, Suggest to increasingly unbearable economic hardship.  

       in short, tourism benefits of marriage not only Lok Choi, and facial glory, but also can increase a lot of geography, local customs, and customs of the peoples in the region, taste local specialties, fine fruit dishes; cultivate monuments history overview, understand the public's sentiments, quotes, this is a lifetime of joy.  

       at present, around the tourism sector, the Youth League, trade unions, women's federations and other mass organizations annually organize many destination weddings events every season. Arranged for the new services, and the fee is higher. If it's winter, you can go to our ice city Harbin, list of beautiful scenery, feast for the eyes. View snow and enjoy the ice and sweet candied haws, great bread, delicious hot pots, large appetite, and by sails, sledding, ice by donkey carts, beautiful.  

       travel to be the basics, need not carry bags, and decorate a new House, simply take a carry-on to wear the best, married couple feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy, artificially avoids trivia-ridden, resulting in fatigue.