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Wedding Planner: would you choose

Wedding Planner: would you choose

A good wedding planner wedding success the key figure, more rare is to find a suitable wedding planner. So say wedding planners is particularly important. But for starters, know enough about wedding, how selection is also one of the more vexing question, here's a look at exactly how to choose.

Wedding Planner: would you choose

wedding planners to do the job:  

many people mistaken for wedding planning wedding work, or even in ordering a banquet and other intermediary. Before the wedding ceremony, planners can help with newbie to choose an auspicious day, choice hotels, selection of wedding clothes, looking for wedding venues, scene layout and identify background music and smoke candy, on-location filming location, and designed for them a marriage scheme for a new personality.  

Meanwhile, organization of the wedding day, arranged marriages of lighting, choreography, music, and master of ceremonies. To make tense and exciting new people to avoid The One With All The Haste, planners in all 19, the introduction to the unique gesture is designed to guide newcomers. The bride and groom as long as the ear ceremony, planners can methodically into the ceremony.  

Choose wedding planners need to ask questions:  

1. his experience, including his length of time working in the wedding planning, organizations, how many times the wedding altogether, how many times a year to organize the wedding.  

2. it is advisable to look at videos or photos of the wedding that he had previously planned.  

3. asking he served customers, listen to their views, so that you can be more objective about his planning ability.  

4. cooperation with florists, photographers, bands where the side to understand his organizational skills.  

5. to confirm whether he is agent or recommend other wedding services providers, whether to collect a fee.  

6. study his service: he has written arrangements for your wedding table, if you can make reasonable adjustments in a timely manner, whether he will take part in your wedding, whether he can handle contract negotiations and other wedding related matters for you.  

overall planning of your wedding budget's expenditure should be 15% 

Although those plans cost more than you, but there are two benefits:  

first, the Planner has a wealth of experience in wedding, he knows how to arrange a wedding, he can get by with you one on one service, so that you get professional help;  

Second, he knows how to save money, help you bargain with other savings, than you planned to buy the whole lot.  

with the help of wedding planner, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Of course, you also have to do some specific work, for example, with the Planner recommended some of the businesses interviewed decided some things in detail.  

wedding company signed the contract note:  

your contract should include with Wedding Planner: wedding date, planners arrange everything should bear the responsibility and completion deadlines.  

pay contracts should be written in detail the principles and conditions, cancellation of contract, should also write the names of replacements in case of emergency, of both Planner and finally don't forget your contact information.  

before signing a contract to pay attention to the services involved in the contract, the time and manner of payment and default payments.