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Wedding flowers how to pick

Wedding flowers how to pick

Spring is the season of flowers, small wedding flowers guide has been produced installments, we selected the wedding your flowers today to share with you some cheerful wedding flowers.

     1, immaculate white to create a fantasy dream wedding in the Spring Festival  

     white, ivory white, milk white, so many white to choose which is better? If you marry in the spring or summer, you can select a filled with romantic taste of fresh white roses, pale Daisy, you experience a fairy tale dream refined pure romantic. Winter wedding can be still bright Gerbera to decorate the scene, snow, heavy snow and fog, out the window, the room you too deep in a quiet gentle white in the deep ocean, but without the biting wind. Place where you, even in winter, it's always warm and pleasant, without the cold and bleak. And if you get married in harvest autumn, alone with a white a bit monotonous, it may be in white, yellow or red accents in the flower flowers, so you can make a wedding more colorful, festive atmosphere to a more prominent!

    2, fresh pink, wedding presents lovely wind

     there is nothing more lovely than pink! Pink and pink tulips, hibiscus, camellias, bauhinia flower, pink into the lovely girl for the wedding colors! Fresh colors make people instantly, too young, and how, does have a want to hop fight the urge to laugh? Married and how you will never like invincible youth 18 o'clock!

    3, purple, always elegant  

     purple, as following full of noble romance, there's nothing quite like it for wedding atmosphere. A large range of choice of purple flowers, violets, forget me not, and pansies, Pansy, Vanda, you can choose one of them to add romance to your wedding, and also gives the site filled with a delicate mysteries of exotic, charming sounds like a movie!

    4, distinctive and lively Orange

     orange is used less in the General wedding suits, bad is prone to failure, which reveal a sense of sense of tacky and cheap. However, if used properly, wedding highlights right away, a different sense of style. Orange is actually a very bright and vivid colors, will make environment running light! Solemn ceremony, use orange, can make sense of your sweet upgrade from body to mind happy euphoria.

    5, mysterious romantic blue make you   love each other;

     a lot of people are in love with blue unique aura of romantic mystery, this is a hundred percent fit for the love and beauty of the wedding colors. Blue flower is too much to choose from: Blue Tulip, blue enchantress, cornflower, Germany IRIS, and so on. You can indulge in romantic wedding surrounded by the omnipresent blue absorbed, it can catalyze love when your feelings get stronger with him.