Guiyang wedding

Rustic country wedding

Rustic country wedding

Ancient Chinese traditional wedding etiquette cumbersome form of luxury, permeated with patriarchal Confucian tradition. With the development of the times, there is an increasing pursuit of Grand and simple wedding, simplifying many traditional ceremony procedure, keep the style reflects national culture, this antique-style designed for use in the country.

terms of wedding programs from the big four:  

① married  

       bride is the first and more important rituals. In the countryside, Bridal transport, farther away a little emblem should be treated with the carriage can be decorated like a sedan carriage, cart horses on its head, who some flowers, colored silk decorative, to increase the festive atmosphere. Apart if it is closer to the village, may wish to adopt the traditional sedan. Sedan production and decoration can be an antique or modern style, its principle is elegant and beautiful. In the procession must be equipped with a small drum or zurna.  

       the bride's dress is suitable for traditional Chinese festive-big red. Can be made into loose dress styles (like Manchu costume), can also make small rural traditional Xie Jin Xiao AO or black coat, following either skirt or pants shoe parquet as of handmade silk soft bottom shoes for good. Match with the dress above, the bride's hair into a traditional Chinese bun, head or cast a red hijab.  

groom dresses the most suitable gown, hat, suit and leather covering.  

② bow  

       bow also known as bride, is most important during the wedding ceremony. Bride and groom first, thanks to my parents, and second, thanks to the friends, three are couple worship. Then exchange token items, the last item is the groom uncovering the bride's veil. A traditional wedding is the bride into the bridal chamber and then exposing the hijab, now the times are different, the groom can uncovering the bride's veil in front of all the guests, to show the bride's beauty and charm, this time cheer, applaud into a wedding reached a climax.  

③ wedding  

       wedding, newlyweds at the dinner, to the elders, friends, thanks to you all. Guests may also like to take this opportunity to bless the couple. Wedding can be interspersed with some entertainment programming, such as singing, dancing, puzzles, etc.  

Black couples a memorable event.  

⑴ tree  

       couple plant a tree, which is the Crystal of love and new life situation, and beautify the environment. Life after marriage, the couple also want to foster this tree and make it flourish, signifying a prosperous and beautiful.  

⑵ to revolutionary martyrs with flowers  

       If near a monument to the martyrs of the revolution, the newlyweds holding flowers, came to the front of the monument with a respected heart, remembering the martyrs ' performance, carry out the behest of the martyrs, striving to build a home and build our motherland, the vow to start a new life for the benefit of future generations.

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