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Do not confuse newcomers planning to save money wedding

Do not confuse newcomers planning to save money wedding

Romantic and save money on your wedding day not one less, become more and more new people to pursue new goals, to save money, wedding planning is important, reference the following ways to communicate with your wedding company about it.

not confused newcomer   planning wedding to save money

hotel provides of layout project (now some hotel provides of has various different of layout project), new friends on hotel provides of layout content must to and you of Wedding Planning Division for communication, see hotel provides of layout content whether and you of wedding form meet, if up conflict words, best also is don't hotel of, put hotel provides of this class things all into other more useful of HA. If the hotel's layout, fit your wedding style, and save a lot all at once.

married code ceremony in the professionals of costs, we recommends is don't province, may new friends said himself has xxx friends is do this of, can find he to help, here has a premise, is must to confirmed to help of people, he must is long-term engaged in this industry of personnel only line, or, new is in took himself life most important of things, let non-professionals practice craft HA, in wedding site or late see wedding works Shi, New people will be sorry (we will specially that speak to various people in your wedding).

wedding ceremony items/props in this part of the fee, is absolutely not, this is the baby to wedding color, rather than provincial, possible new should be specifically designed for this increased investment will achieve better results.

Finally, we talk about booze to save money. Chengdu reservation, in accordance with the practice, hotel reservation about 20 tables generally prepared by order of 20 1 or 2 for principles. If the new friends to come to the ceremony's guest only 16 tables, the hotel will charge by the minimum standard of 20 tables; in addition, we calculate how much actual table costs money: five/600 meal, a bottle of white wine, red wine, two bottles of beer, beverages, guest table flower table arrangement, adding up to should at least increase by about 150 on a meal based. In other words, if a couple friends to 1 week before the wedding, to confirm the exact table, a table of six/700, the second table is more than 1000 multi-Luo. And so on ... ... where there was a prerequisites, is new, after distributing invitations, to implement on-site ceremony the exact number of guests before they can achieve these ways to save money.

banquet save money second enrollment, arrangements hand is responsible for drinks matters, now has many drinks suppliers to held wedding of friends provides drinks can back service, if no arrangements hand is responsible for drinks, has may new Family Pack banquet Shi found, this bottle wine open has drink has is, that bottle is such, if make, guest can meet, home people also without received many drink has little of wine, back also can't back, drink and find not to people drink.

tobacco candy of such supplies, except with the prior estimate of a quantity, taken at the wedding scene that is missing that is bought, bought as much as lack of means is the most economical way (such supplies are not tight, and is very convenient to buy).