Guiyang wedding

Bride bouquets flower

Bride bouquets flower

Flowers in his hands, plays an important role in the wedding. beautiful bouquets, is essential at the wedding, but often overlooked details the importance of flower bouquets are own Oh, look.

1, the "King of flowers" rose  

     roses are the best expression of love has been reflected, in occasions like wedding, rose not only bring the expression of love, but the promise of Coronation, so it has become the most common wedding flowers, one of the most popular flowers, rose is known as the "flower of love" said.  

     General requirements for the bride's bouquet of Roses Flower-full, thick petals.

     red roses, passionate love-language-- 

     yellow rose flower--enjoying the day with you  

       Orange rose flower--the mystery of love;

     white rose language--our love is pure  

     pink rose flower--brilliant, soft smile  

     champagne roses--deeply in love with you  

2, "eternal love" Lily   

     lily flower in June-September, because of better symbolize another auspicious flower for wedding flowers, fresh, elegant fragrance, unique distribution pattern, pattern large, colors and plain, obvious become another great feast of lead.

     flower--a natural, pure, eternal love.  

3, "lanzhong Queen" Phalaenopsis  

     butterfly orchid period in March-May, and called Butterfly spent, spent type like butterfly, known as "lanzhong Queen" of beauty Yu, temperament noble, fangzi yan quality of butterfly blue, as bride of holding Hua Huacai, is not most widely, but because spent type stretch, shape quite modern sense, more for "falls" type holding spent, butterfly blue belongs to high-end spent material, can became wedding in the of dotting of pen.  

Flower: purity and virtue, delicate and refined, with a smart sense

4, "beautiful happiness" hydrangea  

     flowering in May-July, dense, and compact of petals, far views fruit Mo jiaolei, increased flowers of overall sense, hydrangea spent as a special of spent material, is apart from rose, and Lily outside and a features spent material, but due to flowering more short, price relative your, in wedding of using frequency Shang also corresponding have not so frequently, but better of meaning, beautiful of spent type also is let new to give.

     Flower: happy, happy  

5, "thank you for your love" Carnation   

     Carnation of flowering in 4---9 months, for mother's day and cast Shang a layer mother of love of color, spent type level rich, easy create holding spent complex of effect, especially to pink flowers most suitable bride, carnation of spent language is hopes unlimited on love of praises, each copies expression love meaning of message are was everyone widely told, so, in wedding in the was widely application.  

     Flower: love, sincere  

6, "my heart is like a" balloon  

     lisianthus flowers in April-August, flower-shaped like roses, wedding ceremony in the past often rose as the main flower bouquet, balloon color simple but elegant, with a simple, elegant wedding dress styles are demure bride preferred, eustoma rich in color, can be in a variety of flower with the mix.  

     Flower: unchanging love