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According to the four seasons features selected wedding style

According to the four seasons features selected wedding style

With the seasons, nature provides a different inspiration for wedding arrangement. What you need to do is think of a favorite season of the year, and then, based on your favorite season, selected wedding color, theme, style, design, and guests to share the joy. Below is a series of small "seasonal wedding" proposal.


       wedding was very beautiful in the spring, primarily shallow soft light and color can be used to dress up. In particular, Garden wedding, you can select the background color, such as light green, yellow, light purple, light pink or brown to create simple spring wedding.

       and use of color combinations, can be printed with color fonts and tied white ribbons on invitations to foil wedding theme or a beautiful design can also be used, such as a flower or a butterfly, printed on napkins and other wedding supplies set off the consistency. Due to the spring symbolizes the beginning of good things and, therefore, can also join in the attendance book breath of spring, for example, decorate them with sprouting branches or plants such as tulips.


       sunlight, outdoors, surfing, beach ... ... This is the season of bright colors, and incorporate these elements into the wedding, makes wedding more colorful. But be reminded that, do not use only one color. Best choice for strong color combinations, such as light orange, and pink, with a dash of lime-green or bright yellow. In addition, such as bright purple, white, will also give the feeling of a cool and calm.

       in addition, the use of a line with a wedding invitation style and color, you can play for your summer wedding to create better conditions. You can send traditional white or creamy white invitations; in part of the wedding, wedding candy boxes, ribbons, tissue paper and into a more bright color on the menu. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, can provide a color fan to help guests stay fresh.


       autumn is rich in dark colours and tones, select an autumn wedding, you can use Brown, Khaki, gold, pale orange, olive, beige and Burgundy tones of autumn.

       using your wedding color wedding invitation set the tone, double invitations, paper color you can choose different color combinations, such as the milk-white with gold, pale orange with Brown, wine red or black. Add some orange or yellow ribbon to a neutral color on the paper, you can enrich the entire invitation color.

       flowers and fall foliage woven bouquets as decorations add to the wedding scene, can make the whole layout more vitality March. With leaves, twigs, berries, apples, pumpkins and other natural materials used as wedding decorations are very nice.


       If you want to have a white wedding, winter is the best! Winter colours very vivid, including elegant dark green, wine red and sparkling metallic colour. If you like bright colors, consider using blue, pure white and shiny metallic silver to decorate the wedding.

       by your invitation, guests know wedding theme, style, as well as seasonal color, such as selecting a wine-colored paper white paper, brown paper or light blue paper, will have a very good visual effects trying.

       can be used with white lights and fringed by evergreens to create a winter wonderland, you can also add some dark red roses and white flowers on the evergreens, pinecones, twigs and berries to create beautiful fairy tale amusement park.