Management projects
A, etiquette:

organized by: opening ceremonies, conferences, business performance, opening ceremony, the Foundation laying ceremony, Changqing, celebration, anniversary, company annual meeting, customer appreciation, exhibition Merchants Association, large sporting events, reunions, etc.



professional casting helium balloons, helium balloons, hot air ballooning, remote-controlled airship  

military band, peg, percussion ensembles, lion dancing dragons, flying doves, and smaller balloons, Miss manners, the etiquette of flying models, cultural performances, a ribbon cutting supplies, camera pictures, banners hung a flag, knives, flags, balloons-color knitting technique  


inflatable categories: rainbow gate, lantern poles, dancers, cartoon

floral classes: a variety of flower baskets, corsages, flowers, art  


Second, advertising:

acting all kinds of advertising, creative advertising, exhibition, advertising gifts, exhibition design, outdoor billboards, plaque printing, blister lightbox, packaging design, print, x banner, roll up, medals badges, badge listing  


three, performing arts:

organized by: stage lighting and audio, video, effects, rentals, commercial performance.  

services: building, professional stage truss, lighting, sound and special effects equipment, background decoration, stage design and video projection, smoke machines, bubble machines, chasing lights, cold Fireworks, stage fountain, large fireworks and all kinds of shows  


four wedding:

book your wedding on behalf of their clients

     wedding banquet scene layout (Chinese. continental. Korean. West), Lawn wedding, features candlelight weddings, weddings (cartoon wedding, Ocean weddings) tailored for new professional theme wedding

     bridal makeup (day)/  wedding gown rental/car rental wedding car decoration/

     senior master of ceremonies (styles vary)

     digital photography camera film on the special topic ... ...

to provide you with a romantic and unforgettable wedding service, so that you really save time, effort, hassle free, and each pair of lovers live, knot, good luck!