State of ceremonies since ancient times in China, focusing on reciprocity, attaches great importance to maintaining good relationships. Transfer of cigarette smoke in the communication. Between the Han Chinese and ethnic minorities, Guest House, coffee cigarettes is essential, is most common in China's folk customs, smoking is the most common guest thing, is also frequently used as gifts gifts. "Smoke" is a propriety-sensible behavior in China, the younger generation respect their elders, lower respect superiors, owners respect our guests, which has a very deep knowledge. Cigarettes customs about, actually conveys a human good, good intentions.

in modern social life, cigarettes are frequently used, convey the desire to greet each other anytime, anywhere. Different area, and national, and religious belief are gradually formed has some rules, as to elders cigarettes to hands holding Shang; on elders handed to of smoke to hands took; in to female guest cigarettes zhiqian, to first asked other whether smoking, such only not liberty; on believes in Islam, and Christian of people is don't cigarettes; on not smoking of guest cannot "forced" advised sucking; to guest handed smoke Shi to hands handed Shang, others to you "take" fire Shi, best will cigarette towards within, and cigarette holder towards field handed out, both courtesy and avoid burns others.

in our daily intercourse, cigarettes still plays an important role. Party without it, large and small, Chinese lunar new year gifts often take it as a gift. Cigarette consumption has become a cultural and fashion, have invaded every aspect of public life.