Sweet memories wedding videos in the future, how to shoot good video out of it?

first, pay attention to rest and sleep, in wedding day spirit to appear in front of cameras and a camera. Shoot dress up, tie, dress and other lens, looked relaxed and in good mood.

Second, shoot the groom when you talk with your parents, groom and parents face when positioning, appropriate positioning and direction of cameramen on the side of the angle of the left 30~60du, cameramen could take the expressions on both sides. Speak, eyes looking at each other, looking to relax to avoid tensions caused look unnatural.

when three go out, shoot the groom wedding, groom smiling, eyes up front, and best man walking and said, keep walking slow, looked relaxed a lot.

in jieqin to four, on his way home, cameraman and street arrangements varies depending on road conditions. When the door of the bride's family, don't rush to get off, take the cameraman's arrangements. And the groomsmen walked with his head as possible and look up smiling

five, to the bride's family because he had time, to maintain a certain angle with the door and the side toward the cameraman, do not face the door, bouquets do not block facial and corsages; give high not low, try not to from below the door cracks in it. So that the cameraman shooting the groom's facial expressions, movements and posted on the door.

six, jieqin ceremony the best arrangement in a relatively spacious rooms, cameraman photographer to find the best angle to shoot. When the bow to the parents and serve them tea, new people and new parents to pay attention to maintain a certain angle with the cameraman.

seven, the wedding ceremony, flowers, candles, champagne, Exchange tokens, drink wedlock, this type of motion is slower, unfolded. Wearing the ring, under the hand slightly to the side, so it's easier for ring ring captures, easy to take effect.

when he was eight, dinner toasts, newcomers should be standing beside the main guests per table or an elder toast two people standing as much as possible together, and shared a toast.

to shoot a better wedding videos, interaction is very important. Wanting to keep photographers active communication can have a good effect.