In terms of customs, China still has a lot of stress and learn marriage taboos on the wedding scene, don't let your wedding taboo.

wedding, engagements, book contracts, sworn, baigan Davis, and to let them know ... Ceremonies, do not fit in the basement, ground floor, otherwise, easy after the emotional downturn, career change.

instead, practice things, Buddhist in the "basement", "ground floor", is just as well.

resolve method

1, the second fair

in this way, all the hotel "ground floor" are not a wedding, is making it harder to book seats?

If you recently have been in the ground floor, wedding, you can get married again to the courts, to resolve. If you have been married for several years, can be used as wedding anniversary, find a non-ground floor site, invite some friends and family for dinner, you can remedy.

2, Bridal lounge

If it is a wedding, and has been set at "the basement", "ground floor" dinner, preferably before the feast, first civil marriage, during the banquet bride Lounge located upstairs, so that you can resolve.

3, clear lights

remember after hours, if married, celebration, banquet, the lights suddenly went out, elderly, elders and so on, would be very upset, feeling is bad omen.

popular in Western culture today, hotels popular in the open seats before the wedding, put out all the lights, service personnel carrying vegetables, fish, or a number of red or pink candle, fire comes into play......; Some people put out the lamp and a half and then, after playing hours, growing, learning, love ... Processes that are not conducive to the practice of blessing, will make the future a couple different hearts, strange bedfellows, serious, or even damaged by an outsider in the current youth, rising divorce rates, it is recommended that new young people, do not schedule this special program.

some people outside their own venues wedding, setting the stage, performances, in order to show the need to turn on the lights, and turn off the lights, so that when the two families feelings good or bad, should be avoided.

wedding, wedding occasions should remain bright for representing this event again and again without interruption, a promising future.