Wedding flower arrangements is indispensable part of wedding venue decoration, beautiful flowers for the wedding into a wonderful sentiment, in honor of love and good wishes. What a wedding company wedding floral forms, what kind of color, not taken for granted. Many of his own wedding couple wedding colors is indecisive, or is the idea, but I don't know how to match.

1, floral colors to coordinate with the expression of the theme

If you want to hold Western-style wedding, then white is preferred, and pure white, more Western-style wedding traditions the solemn and sacred. If you are into Chinese wedding, not a large area of white, because Chinese wedding highlights is lively and festive.

2, wedding flower color should follow the Customs

newcomer in choosing floral color, in addition to personal preferences, also to take into account her family, relatives and friends of the capacity, wedding not just new things, more important also to guests, family members bring joy and beauty to enjoy. Also added a little common sense, the British do not like red flowers, Brazil people don't like yellow, purple flowers, the Japanese don't like the Lotus, the British don't like to show flowers, geranium. If flower workers, these common sense to know that and avoid making mistakes.

3, wedding flower color also had to take into account seasonal factors

summer General habits Yu selection fresh, and elegant of color, or partial cold of color, as white, and white green, and powder, and white blue, and powder purple, and Bai Zi, and white blue purple,, winter can select red, and red yellow, and pretty in pink, and orange,; spring can select neutral partial warm is of color, as champagne color, and yellow, and champagne distribution green, and powder, and powder purple,. Red and orange in the summer not much use, which is a warm color, in the hot summer people irritable.

4, wedding colors to take the couple's age and temperament

under normal circumstances, older couples prefer purple, purple is composed, elegant and bright, mature, quiet, luxurious, new age is small, like purple, recommends using Lavender or purple and pink combination of small area. If you are a shy or cute bride, you can use the light pink. If the bride character are cheerful, bold yellow. If the bride's temperament is elegant and refined, you can choose the white-green and white hues, pale pink, and so on.

5, wedding flower color should be harmonized with environment

wedding decoration emphasizes is a macroscopic effect, floral decoration is an important part of the overall color of the floral and d├ęcor of the venue, lighting colors, as well as walls, carpets, table cloths, chair covers, dinner cloth color coordinated echoes. So the environment is an important factor not to be ignored.

If the overall style of the hotel is very modern, interior color is very bright. Very suitable for the modern Western-style wedding. Flower color can be white, green and white, green and white powder, white, champagne, light blue, yellow, white, blue, white, blue and purple, color combinations such as Bai Zi, similar color, red color combination is, of course, is more suitable for Chinese wedding.

If the venue is the Chinese style, Chinese wedding is going to be a good choice, such as traditional-style courtyard. We can use red, pretty in pink, red, yellow, rose red, pink and purple color combinations. Newcomers like modern weddings, but also respecting the traditional culture, not of a very pure white decorated Chinese-style venue. Low brightness of dark blue, deep violet fit for use will give people a feeling of depression, we can add light colored flowers to reconcile.