New is the focus of everyone at the wedding, but maybe it's because the wedding day the bride and groom was nervous, always feels like a dull, how to make good come on the wedding? Learn the basics of posture.

sitting position: upper body posture of the most critical

listen carefully, Chair is lighter, and family photos, upper body posture most of the key, so if there is a "Ah, finally able to sit down" this line, instantaneous cat up like a deflated ball, it is hard to see. Not to the effect that, to keep the tension, especially if the bride wearing a low cut dress, sat in his chair at the Center, twisting the waist, shoulder width, shape and slim. Wear long dresses, diagonally down leg, can make my legs look long and slender, the groom sitting listlessly, lift legs automatically to reveal socks, unsightly, so special attention prior to sitting down, first mention of knee pants.

stand: natural straight back and consciously into the eight-shaped

greet guests and take a souvenir picture, standing is important, so pay special attention to good. Reaching up the back, head, hip and heel into a straight line, upper body have the feeling of being lifted. Bride stood beside grooms after about 15 cm, right hand armed with the groom's right arm, two like horoscopes, positive picture feels best. Groom gently bend your left arm and make the bride hands in elbow, to note is the bride not to pull the clothes of the groom, give people a sense of timidity. In addition, the groom should not be straight back to undue prominence to abdomen, never mind holding his bride, so as not to step on the skirt, not too far away. Do not tightly hug the groom's arm, as if afraid he would escape.

walking: ceremony of the compelling

some bride due to not habits wear wedding and high heels, may will has stepped on to skirt of accident situation, so dress should not be had long, and right of walk way is: with toe light played with skirt side, foot end of light wipe had ground, slowly forward, strictly to told, bride of eye should is always open ahead, as will sight put Yu 10 meters Qian, such conducive to photo, but to security side, bride of sight can slightly down, but not too had so as not to effect image.

Kiss: natural finish graciously, timid think it strange

ceremony Shang of Kiss has sacred of meaning, II people should performance have natural, generous, wedding fall for sworn Kiss Shi, somehow of shy, minced or affectation to highlight lips kissing instead was disgust, photos or video or, will quite not natural, right posture following, groom gently caught with bride of arm, another a only hand arm live she of waist, to times as hinted, bride will face slightly lift, let bystanders feel II people is to is natural of attitude near, has a mystery, is beautiful, Kissing time from two to start with the good, so that you won't go wrong, the bride should have gently wipe the surface with a napkin and gaudy lipstick, so clearly lipstick on the groom's face. Gently hold the arm and face looked a bit more natural, as well as sealed.

read the letter: must show full of true love

at the wedding, the bride and groom in reading aloud to his family, a relative, a friend's thank-you note must be very careful, as this is a very solemn ceremony scene. Sincere emotion is important. After writing the letter, I must personally prior to practice, so as to avoid deviations during the official read aloud, the content should be true, can make the guest has resonance, try to create a loving scene.

turn gently grasp the gown robe, quickly turned

dress and General clothes different, wants to only change one points direction is do not to of, not drag with skirt to exaggerated attitude turned of summary orifices is, turned Shi with and rotating direction instead of hand gently caught skirt side and skirt support slightly up mention, in wearing long skirt, put with long put yarn Shi, put they hanging in himself of wrist Shang, moments to fast turned.