On the wedding day, the bride is the most popular and most tired, struggling at the same time tend to ignore his makeup some small details, small sums up the wedding day bridal makeup for the bride the least attention of detail, these can make you perfect.

1, never Imaging others like herself. See the beautiful bride on newspapers and magazines, don't be tempted to want to play the images they like. In particular, avoid too thick make-up, bright blue eye shadow, blush red is not natural bridal makeup. Best makeup effects are natural and fresh like a Lotus Flower. Be confident! believe that day in your husband's eyes are the most beautiful bride in the world.

2, pay attention to your lipstick and nail polish will not stick on the wedding dress. When you make up on dresses, carefully use paper to cover the face. Nail Polish best days well before the wedding.

the length of 3, attention to the wedding, especially the wedding not too long in the front, so as to avoid tripping while walking foot. If you want to dress a little bit longer, you can sew only a little shorter, the sides and the back remained the same.

4, do not let the lip balm glued to teeth.   Before the wedding for a mirror to examine your teeth are clean, if lip balm glued to teeth in time to erase, if after a while again, it means that your lipstick too oily, makeup lip of paper gently off the excess oil.

5, some things like sewing, buttons, what some trinkets for off-line, such as a rainy day.

bride-to-be to take the time to study up, making your good shoulder lead.