Weddings in addition to newcomers not to forget the people around them, such as parents, they are also wedding leads, they will welcome guests together, so when they should let the people find neat coordination at the same time. Let us unify inventory them matters of dress!


when the bride with the wedding of its debut. To wait there for the groom, she was already the brightest star on the wedding. At this time leading man--the groom seemed to be demoted into supporting roles.

[]  dress every bride wants to look on their big day is very beautiful. What kind of dress is one of the most important decisions. Choice of wedding dresses is very important work, it may take a lot of energy.

first,   you have to consider your wedding time and style;

Second,   you must be well prepared ahead of time to order and try;

third,   because wedding dresses are usually quite expensive, so you should know in advance wedding market, be a savvy bride.

color:  you don't think that white is the only color was used for wedding dresses wedding dresses, from ivory to pink, very rich.

style: wedding styles there are many changes too, so you can according to their own preferences and picked a suitable wedding dress wedding style, it can be romantic. Can also be delicate, even sexy.

season: you also pay attention to the wedding season. Most of the material is suitable for all seasons, for example, silk and muslin screen gauze. But like silk satin, gauze, transparent, hard sand and other light fabrics, it is only suitable for the hot summer; forging and cotton and velvet, and is a good choice for winter wedding.

order:  If you need to order a wedding dress, the best 9 months to prepare in advance, because the design, making it takes about 6 months, along with subtle changes. 9 months time will be sufficient, and prior to the order, you need a few weeks to browse Web sites, magazines or visit a local bridal shop, to wedding dress style, fabric prices have a comprehensive understanding.

[holding flowers]  to choose your bouquet is very important, not only will make you shine, but it also determines the style of wedding bouquets and decorations.

color: the color white is the most classic wedding bouquets, but shades of bright bouquet will make your wedding even more vibrant.

go with your dress: gorgeous bouquets suitable for simple style wedding dress and fancy dress you need to match the elegant, classic bouquet.

suitable for your body: Petite bouquet of the bride should not be large and tall brides small bouquet should be avoided. Don't break the budget: in terms of flowers, you can have a lot of choices, but the selection of seasonal flowers, you will save a lot of expense.

the best time to pick flowers: 3 months before the wedding.

the groom

many bride and groom dresses ready than energy-efficient, you can directly order a tuxedo or suit. But to ensure the wedding a Grand formal atmosphere, the dress of the bride and groom should try to match to avoid embarrassment caused regrettable that, under normal circumstances, the following dress is entirely capable of dealing with.

:  day wedding Tuxedo (formally),  , and   suit (informal)

wedding night: tuxedo, with a white vest and bow tie (official),   a dark suit (informal)

[flowers]  the groom must wear a niukong flowers, niukonghua flowers is one of the bride's bouquet, but should not be too large.


[]  mother of the bride dress is usually will choose her dress, and then tell the groom's mother her choices and describes the details of dress, so that they will be uniform in style and color of dress, no conflict. welcomed the guests because they have the potential to be together when they should let the people find neat coordination at the same time. In addition, every mother has the right to choose their own Comfortable elegant dress style. Brides should respect the choices for the elderly unless they actively seek the views of the bride. If there is step-mother to participate in it, the bride to be considered comprehensive, and call ahead to notify the birth mother, in order to better coordinate the two men wear.


[]  dress together, accompanied by the father of the bride to the bride down the aisle, wedding day is a very important role. He dresses a voice similar to the groomsmen dresses – in most cases is a semi-formal dress. If your stepfather also want to attend the wedding ceremony, he should be like your father wears; if he did not attend the ceremony, you can wear similar clothing and guests.

[flowers to wear niukong]  father flowers.

[wedding] when the when the bride to the ceremony, the groom's father to escort the bride down the aisle.


as its name suggests, about maid of honor is to accompany the bride and bride need help help a friend or sister.

[]  number of bridesmaids because of preparations for the wedding and the wedding many trivial matters, your best choice for your wedding, bridesmaid, but remember 12 people is a limit. Abroad, the maid of honor can be single or are married, and any age can. But usually unmarried girlfriend or sister as maid of honor, take a married friend, experienced she is sure to give you more help during the wedding.

[dress]  when choosing bridesmaid dresses, brides can advice of the bridesmaids, know what they like and go with bridesmaid choose, from among the dresses they like 2 - 3, to allow the style and color for each bridesmaid, and can also be worn on other occasions. General election after the bride and bridesmaids can be arranged together to try and make the final decision.

:  style bridesmaid dresses and bridal wedding dress style is similar. If the bride on her wedding day wearing a long tailed formal dresses, bridesmaids wear a vertical floor length dress, and match the appropriate headgear and gloves. Color: bridesmaids can wear the same color but different styles of dress, all bridesmaid dresses don't have to strictly similar, can make everyone look very beautiful and so sense of formality. Back:  must pay special attention to whether the dress back in appearance, because in times of celebration, the maid back guests for a long time.

[flowers]  bride and bridesmaid is usually used similarly small bouquets, decorate them with and they dress the color of Ribbon to match. Add some extra charm to the bridesmaids bouquets, even if it's just a piece of silk, can also make it look more refined.

the best man

as well as bridesmaids, as companions, the best man should also attend bachelor party before the wedding, rehearsal dinner, and so on. Groomsmen and groom's main support staff, they are usually the groom's brother or best friend, can be single or married.

[]  best number is the same as the number of bridesmaids

[dress]  wedding dresses bridesmaid dresses easy, and you can set for direct purchase or. In order to fit, they are also going to try. In order to unify, shoes are the best. And bridesmaids and groomsmen dress in to pay the costs.

[]  flower niukong flower, which can be any one of the bridesmaids bouquets.

flower girls

wearing a fluffy little princess dress, carrying a small basket. Pretty little flower child cute. More fairy tales for the wedding.

[]  age boys between the age should be 4-8.

[dress style]  flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses should be similar. But try to avoid mature style. Because of the publicity that they are pure and lively. Flower girls may choose to wear fluffy little princess dress, you can also wear similar dress and bridesmaid dress styles and colors.

dress up flower girl's parents to buy, and to escort her to the wedding. On the wedding day, there's nothing like kids put on their favorite dress was lovely, so best to purchase clothing for some of their comments.

[flowers] flower girl holding a basket of flowers or a small bouquet, color style requirements and harmonization of brides, bridesmaids.

[wedding] walking in front of the bride. Petals in the process on the road, stand location: ceremonies on stage and stand with the bridesmaids.

ring boy

dress the boy, holding the ring in satin mat and slowly walked to the ceremony, adding a solemn and holy for the wedding.

[age]  ring boy is usually a boy, between the ages of 4-8.

[dress]  sing with coordinating bridesmaid dresses and outstanding children's temperament. If buying a suitable dress, wedding photo Studio can be loaned to. And flower girl, ring boy also by their parents to buy the dress, and arrive at the wedding location wedding day escort him.

[wedding day]  a ring on his hand, walked the red carpet. Ring up ring may only be on token ring, ring kept by the maid. Maid of honor can take the ring to the groom and bride. Stand location: ritual and bridesmaids to stand together on stage.

        so, wedding day lead is not the only newcomer, new protagonists in this side should also pay attention to their dress code details.