wedding venue in advance prepare adequately, unexpected events – embarrassing crisis ever happened. Your wedding is possible embarrassment? how to avoid? give yourself a heads up.

embarrassment: already standing at the door welcome, they found welcome card is dirty during transport.

Save the way: better to save some time on location before, and set aside enough time to modify, go, bride makeup, to make sure the groom layout conditions. If you mess around the edge can be decorated with flowers as a block.

embarrassed two: pull Cannon blew up balloons, fireworks lit up the curtain ... ... Little fun props accidents caused by some sort of accident.

Save method: before the wedding to do inspections, with particular attention to flammable and explosive materials, and emergency response measures. In case of this situation, timely response at the same time, master of rounders.

embarrassing three: wedding venue, wedding halfway through the lights suddenly went out, live in darkness silence.

Save method: sigh, how could their luck is so bad, rather than enjoy the rare full candle wedding well. Large candle in the candle holder on the stage one by one to each guest and let them share the romance of love

some unsatisfactory every wedding episode, but no remedy in a timely manner will have the perfect wedding.