Choose a good maid can find deficiencies in the wedding day for you, solve problems, and add color to your wedding. Right bridesmaid choice can make you relax playing a quiet, elegant, beautiful bride, showing the best side.

How to choose a good maid

a good maid, a wedding and a beautiful landscape. Selection of beautiful bridesmaid is a fine thing, but must pay attention to the limelight can never overshadowed the day's hero--the bride. Accordingly bridesmaids makeup, dresses should grasp, avoid the makeup too bright or too complicated.

Next, select bridesmaid and smart to choose carefully as possible. As the maid of honor not only will take care of his bride, accompanied the bride to change clothes, makeup, help the bride find deficiencies and game rounders, to avoid embarrassment, but also ready to assist brides makeup, sweat and other, and helps the bride while avoiding some of the "episode", small pins, socks, belts, and other emergency items to prepare in advance.

in addition, the bridesmaid should choose a magnanimous personality slightly alcohol. In the whole wedding, bridesmaids basically no chance of eating, but still had to deal with many of the wedding guests, if too much or those who are too poor, overwhelmed the wine table that moves, is likely to lead to drunk rude or unpleasant.

about bridesmaid dresses

If you want to have a perfect wedding, brides, in addition to selecting a suitable wedding dress for myself, but also to pick the set of wedding style for bridesmaid dresses. Choose a simple elegant dress as bridesmaid dresses, both fresh and cute and don't have to worry about Rob the bride's thunder.

principles of choosing bridesmaid dresses:

1, design simple and generous, elegant colors and lively.

2, color mainly in pale pink, light green, or light gold series, dress better in color or with a little delicate embroidery.

3, the overall effect or elegant, or cute, or classical nostalgic, focus is aligned with the temperament of the bride.

4, popular as an outdoor wedding gradually  , so whether it is played in summer or winter bridesmaid, just prepare a seasonal small coat won't have to be too hot or too cold.

who are your bridesmaids

close friend bridesmaid prime candidates, of course, but if your friends are married, or for various reasons is unable to undertake this important task, an unmarried and can be found from the boundless in appearance and conduct joint maid might not be so easy. Especially with the wedding 3-6 bridesmaid trends of prevalence was more difficult to find the right bridesmaid.

of select bridesmaid order: friends-of-friends and family of the bride and groom both student-colleague on both sides

If you still can't find your bridesmaids, wedding services company now has a dedicated wedding rentals, desperation, hire a professional restaurant wedding site is also not a good idea.

intimate bridesmaid tips

1, storage gift

usually particularly intimate bride and Maid of honor are shouldering an important task--for the received red envelopes. As friends, bridesmaids, or you will miss it, when no matter what kind of presence of the relatives or friends, to accompany the bride stepped forward to greet and thank. Red envelopes are handed over, finery of wedding the bride is definitely not, generally either a bridesmaid or mother of the bride, will be specially prepared a small red bag on your side, used to temporarily store cash gifts. In General, because the mother of the bride to after running around to take care of a lot of relatives, close bridesmaid so most of the time will have to carry the responsibility. Note that wedding scene is lively and slightly chaotic, bridesmaids have to stay awake, always strictly observe their duty, not too hectic and lost money.

2, keeping his lips

intimate bridesmaids should always keep a clear mind, when gossip guests asking you to bride or groom revelations in the past when they speak out, be sure to know what is the bottom line, if it is innocuous things can come up with an appropriate adjustment of the tone, but some of the key issues is absolutely not saying killing of principle.

3, a gift for bridesmaids

throughout the wedding process, your maid of honor to your pains, after the wedding, don't forget to send some of their favorite gifts to express your gratitude! according to the bridesmaid's personality, you can choose some gifts for them, such as handbags, fine delicate necklace, cute Makeup bags, but no matter what, it's the thought that counts.