In a true Western-style wedding, the gait and manners of the newcomers is how to regulate it?

1, the ceremony proper gait

new ceremony that officially unveiled for the first time in front of all the guests, grasp the correct way of walking is very important.

the groom should look up, chest out, straight ahead, stride length medium, slightly slower. Most critical is the bride. Some brides unaccustomed to wearing a white dress and heels, and may step on dress of contingencies, so the dress should not be too long. Bride right walk way is: on your toes gently kicked her skirt, foot light over the ground, slowly move forward. Strictly speaking, new eyes should always be looking straight ahead, as far as possible before laid eyes on 10 meters, it is a good picture. But for safety's sake, the bride's line of sight can be slightly down, but not too much so as not to affect the image.

2, dress how to turn

gowns and garments, which direction do not want to change only one point to. Do not pull skirts with exaggerated gestures turned the trick, turning and rotating in the opposite direction of the hand gently hold skirts and skirt up a little bit, when wearing a dress or wear a long veil, put them on their wrists, instantaneously fast turn around.

3 the CHIFA, bridal flowers

How to hold hand flowers to look graceful, give the impression of elegant and refined?

hand flowers right little finger with the thumb grip is the same side, will constrain, so you can hold the bouquet, not shaken.

If hands hand flower, is keep your head up, shoulders naturally hang down, hands holding flowers at the waist above the bone, which can give the feeling of comfortable, confident and steady. If spent raising his hand on his chest, your shoulders will improve, and give the feeling of tension.

in addition, when married, usually the groom is standing on the right side (Western station), so if one hand spending, should be left to stop spending. If you are using the spherical flower cute cute, you can use it as a handbag on the left hand, or hung on the left wrist.

4, when standing

naturally straight back, the bride and groom each other consciously into "eight" shape, greet guests and take a souvenir picture, standing is important, so pay special attention to good.

reaching up the back, head, hip and heel into a straight line, upper body have the feeling of being lifted, especially when standing spirit. Bride stood beside grooms after about 15 cm, right hand armed with the groom's right arm, and two as "eight", positive picture best; groom gently curved arm, let the bride put her hand on the elbow. To note is the bride not to pull the clothes of the groom, give people a sense of timidity. In addition, the groom should not have undue prominence for a straight back and abdomen, never mind holding his bride, so as not to step on the skirt, not too far away. Brides don't be kept pulling the groom's arm, as if afraid he would escape.

correct gait and elegant manners will let you do the wedding bride to impress guests, new people to take action.