All couples want their wedding and orderly conduct, even in the bulletin, but is ready but still, in fact, does not matter as long as planned in advance, try to do more work in the months before the wedding, you can avoid the time urgent, frantic caused all sorts of small errors in the wedding. Small series offer 8 tips can help you successfully complete the wedding.

1. must not be lazy

many new people until a few months before the wedding still immersed in the joy of the engagement, never meant to make more preparations for the wedding. They feel prepared to do, and too little time, and then had to rush to make wedding plans, wedding has many regrets. Therefore, decided to get married after the date, don't be lazy, to do things that you should do it!

2.  plan

decided to get married after the date, you can use a Notepad to complete each record, and then set a deadline for them. Such as ready dress, hotel reservations, etc. Remember, do anything be sure to plan well and avoid last scrambling due to time.

3. more details

in the course of preparations for the wedding, the couple take at least a day to sit together, discuss the details of the wedding. More details, reduce unnecessary conflicts or lack of. Grooms may think should call the hotel deposit, and bride was taking into account the hotel can not meet their requirements.

4. both sides are involved in

since two people getting married, certainly shared by the two people involved in the wedding planning is the most perfect. You can make a list and write down all the things you want to do on it, and then into two parts, each selected a job they want to do and can do to accomplish it. Although your spouse does not care about you flowers in his hands, and you can't fault him what to wear dresses, but participation in planning will make them feel that this is his wedding, he was not only just to play.

5. communicate as much as possible

even if you are the most wonderful wedding, and without too much pressure, because you can continue to communicate with the other half, know that you are taking responsibility is also shared in detail. Although you can get something for yourself, but be sure to tell each other, avoid 2 agreement is reached.

6. it should not be too rigid

may your heart and don't want the groom wears a tuxedo, groom wanted cream and fruit cake. But no one wants to make them worry about, so have nothing to say. This is wrong, what should not be too rigid, to be prepared to accept the other's opinion, to speak his true thoughts out. If you're really against something, you can use the suitable way to express your opinions, and listen to the other party to explain why you want to do. Maybe after listening you will accept each other's practices.

7. the contract to look at

when dealing with wedding planning company, must be clear on all the details. Talk about the prices of goods and services in advance, but don't be cheap on important things to save money. Be sure to write down everything in the contract, such as date, time and place of contracting. Most importantly, you have to read all contracts before signing.

8. work plan

there is no doubt that, you plan, the more thoughtful, wedding goes wrong, the less opportunity. You can buy a notebook and write down all of wedding-related information, including receipts, contracts, and so on. Without trouble, even to the maid of honor and best man, who prepared a notebook, write the date, time, location and their responsibilities. This would put everyone in order to avoid errors.