Choice of wedding venues at the wedding is very important, it even determines the success for your wedding, then how to choose the perfect wedding venue?

basic information on wedding venues

1, from "decorating style" point of view site

wedding venue once determined, towards your wedding style is generally clear. Hard forced wedding planners to help you in a white Western-style design in the space of a Chinese wedding, and colourful venues to create a pure aesthetic impressions wedding. Wedding venues style: pure classical Chinese style, Western-style retro-style, exotic style, modern simple style. Wedding styles for the three earlier single, finally you can flexibly change.

2, from a layout point of view site

ceremony of the shape for the table display and control most influential wedding atmosphere.

rectangular venue: the most common shape of the Hotel Ballroom, high-placed freedom, including primary and secondary respectively is not obvious.

rectangular venue: easily ignore unpopular to the back half of the guests, large-screen solution is inserted in the midfield.

circular venue: more luxury retro feel, but seating space is not practical.

irregular-shaped venue: type a detailed classification according to our guests, to producing small, intimate atmosphere.

3, from the perspective of value added services site

If a site has the ceremony Hall, lush gardens, beautiful fountains, bar ... ... Several possible options the wedding, new temporary change, can also play more stunt tricks at the wedding. So the site you should consider these with additional potential, they are likely to bring fresh fun for the wedding.

several problems associated with fee

4, control costs of wedding venue

two wedding preparation costs, coupled with her parents ' help, and may get the money, half of which is the price of your wedding may afford, can leave 10% space. Is expected to dinner table, possible price would be available on every table. According to the price to visit affordable venue, the first step is to control the entire wedding cost, not cheap sites will be unable to meet demand, and don't face, in this budget overruns, behind other overstretched.

5, determine the form of the wedding in advance

Chinese or Western style weddings, Garden wedding is the Auditorium ceremony, round table banquets or buffets ... ... These even if you are not in a wedding booked by thinking clearly, but General outlines first sketched out, lest improper changes in the future, lead to more energy. This site not only choose to target, also can help you save time and money to carry out other preparation work for the project.

6, according to the number of guests to choose the wedding venue size

average wedding banquet seats are 20-30 up and down the table, if you are not sure number of wedding banquets, you can follow this number as a reference. But as soon as possible identify the specific invite relatives, friends, classmates and colleagues who are as well. Reminded you earlier to communicate with parents, and sometimes objects may significantly contribute to their party beyond the scope of your imagination. But marriage is a happy thing, after all, not good to many guests have no place provisional arrangements.

7, ahead of coordinating fabric design

today, the newcomers tend to hire wedding venue wedding for his full plan layout, so when communicating with the wedding venue, to understand what layout items are complimentary, which arrangement is the prohibition of the use, arrangement when to pay attention to what the rules ... ... Avoid financial powers and unpleasant.

8, party and wedding services in advance to discuss alternatives

professional wedding venue will help newcomers develop some options, such as Garden ceremony being cancelled on rainy days, to offering the fallback halls or tents; price marriage into standard rooms for foreign guests to rest and so on; parking is near enough to help newcomers in on loan and so on ... ... More about this message and take preventive measures, make your wedding in a relaxed mood.

9, the issue of breach to write to understand

refine your hotel and all details of the contract as possible, including the possibility of setting off fireworks, cold parking reservation, layout and safety guidance and limitations, and so on. Official confirmed, once there is a new situation or plans, you should all communications between the hotel and timely, if necessary contracts can be appended as an annex to the original, don't bother.

hardware review of wedding venues

10, venues open and generous vision

unless you invite guests or less wedding special, or regular shape, vision of the site must be your first choice. Taking into account the new interaction with the guests in the wedding, block the sightlines of the large pillars, screens, curtains had better not be, if unavoidable, could consider the venue more can synchronize audio-video equipment to make up for the shortage of the wedding process.

11, stage space is bright enough

wedding is not for show, but since you have invited guests to witness a series of sacred link to decently, cramped stage is not only unsightly, is not enough to show the wonderful wedding. 30-square-meter high stage is essential, if not met, wedding program results will be affected. In particular the number of guest wedding, the stage must be big.

12, complete with audio and video equipment

modern wedding can bring wonderful sensory effect of optical media more and more to get people's attention. Audio, projection, chasing light ... ... These devices are essential to wedding, so need you select when doing a full confirmation, you carefully selected wedding music, invested a lot of money-making short films is possible thought.

         the perfect wedding venue for your wedding, brownie points, so when choosing a wedding venue will take some effort.