While at the wedding had done "a rainy day", and everything, there is always some unexpected "out of control" situation. Includes several parties the true about,  "out of control" these new people learn from and vigilance.

kind of "ill intent"

date refused to hand bouquet

wedding on the funniest and embarrassing than goodwill is treated as "ill intentions." Bride small Lin one grew up playing that great girlfriends, but he was wearing a white dress, female feelings all the way empty, pretty good a girl to the "Mummy's" age of the object could not be found. 小琳 arranged a special episode on their wedding day, is giving up "backward-throwing bouquets" relay tradition, to himself, the object is, of course, Miss her girlfriends and decided to give friends a little surprise, hidden wishes for its future love life.

but when the bride published a heart on the stage speech and then go down to the female side when you want to spend on gifts, but "ungrateful" or even due to the sudden and excessive, as if was hurting self-esteem, a face uncomfortably declined on the spot. The bride did some thinking bodice, recovery is not hard to send is not, very embarrassing.

-warning: this thing really communicate well in advance, not in your wedding day you accidentally put "surprise" became "a go".

uncle aunt "grab the microphone"

banquet as "old Club"

This is a mutation of style wedding. When the ceremony was held in the first half, SINA's bride was dressed in beautiful clothes, in ceremonies led by, each step brings a warm, romantic, touching, luxurious feeling. However, when the bride changed his third costume began when toasting whole dinner party atmosphere to a turning point. Uncles and aunts evidently had a few tables behind after three rounds, some boisterous shout up.

a brave "Uncle" has finally grabbed the microphone stage must be for new people, "sing a song", during which all the guests applauded. Two songs later, they booed and shoved on stage and an aunt, two paragraphs, also "Bel Canto". Later, several other aunt and uncle, and one after another came forward to perform on stage. Time, blew out all Beijing Opera, the Shanghai Opera, Pingtan, bustling like the elderly party pavilions in the Park in the morning, or cool off like a marketplace alley in the early years of the party. Arena battle overshadowed the stage really strong on toasted the new people.

at this time, careful person can find that bride's face "gray line" look ... ... Believe no one wants to own wedding at the gorgeous ballroom was evolved into middle and old age Club!

-reminder: family love furious relatives or not?, try to break them up, or at least make a MC who has enough ability to control field is!

by exhilarated "grab shots"

best friend cry

again a world's best points. Have you seen the bride's best friend wedding brutally robbed in the past? is likewise brides and girlfriends jokes, but this time, not good friends "no face",  "too to the face".

a week before the wedding in bride Jie Jie, as maid of best friend May have just broken up with his longtime boyfriend, feelings when the road comes as most frustrated. Wedding spot, May see good friends warm married scene can't help feeling his unlucky in love, can't help drooling and wept. Bridesmaid bride found in tears, quite graciously come forward to comfort, not material May see this scene all the more sad, cried even harder.

so, camera, camera, lights and a number of Cannon "on who is crying bridesmaids," renlaifeng "of Maid of honor facing the public spotlight has raised special" lens ", simply could not stop crying ... ...

-reminder: dating dating inadvertently carelessly! or prepare several bridesmaids, so only planA planB, even a replacement character at all.