Wedding consultant

has a support young, and rich passion, and love fashion of young team, to noble grade, and low-key luxury of concept, advocate spread new of wedding of fashion concept, and clever of into wedding culture elements, full is committed to build fashion unique grade of top wedding attention communication planning of service: has exclusive of Wedding Planning Division for you RBIs, from early of style determine, and making wedding small gift, and shooting MV to wedding of the details, all for you full control.

Provides dedicated service: the importance of new ideas for the wedding of my own, budget considerations, combined with new work, background, preferences, understanding communication processes, in the communications planning out the best solution. While helping to communicate with both parents, has been to make the perfect wedding present.

Strict wedding planning services: because of the cumbersome process of marriage, therefore on wedding planning, must be aimed at a variety of different conditions confirm modify and maintain accuracy of time, strictly couple reminded the thing to do, the purchase wedding supplies, that new entrants do not need to worry about missing any one of these, do not have to worry about running around in circles, weddings are a perfect performance.

Things simple single window: in the course of the preparations for the wedding should be negotiating with wedding vendors and bargain. Wedding consultant will serve as the General liaison role to new needs and budget best for manufacturers and products.  All marriage into a single window service, and for the couple to win the best discounts!

Mobile wedding services: wedding day should be the most perfect presents, wedding consultant will appear as a supervisor at the scene, helping new people to deal with various issues, to respond to emergencies at any time, let the couple from the tense mood and really enjoy the joy of the wedding.

To become a competent wedding planner, must have numerous planning, wedding experience, the role is more than just a coordinator, recommendations, and even new trusted helper.