Wedding photography rule step by step increases "kill the couple"

Many young people entering marriage and began preparations for the wedding. However, many couples go to Studio photos, accidentally fall wedding photo studio beautiful "traps", spend a lot of money. Recently, the provincial associations for wedding photography in the near future the three complaints issued consumer alerts: be careful of wedding photography "beauty trap".  


Province Association head introduced, recently Association received of involved wedding photography of complaints main including three big class: Studio is in agreement in the commitment free provides makeup, but in actual makeup Shi, to various reason charged makeup fee; Studio launched of "offers package" including free provides wedding dress, however consumers selected wedding Shi will found, "offers package" in the by contains of wedding not only style old, and is dirty. If I had to choose the "VIP area" wedding dress, you will have to pay hundreds of rental fees; and, third, wedding photography dealers refused to provide free photo negatives to protect their intellectual property rights.


provincial associations to remind consumers to understand the business and qualify. First of all is to understand their business licenses, legal business, also confirmed its relevant technical staff, such as photographers, videographers, etc have no qualifications.


consumers should try to keep the business promise of service content, size, type, price details in writing. Meanwhile, wary of the deposit, retain vouchers. Carefully make a deposit when signing up, to take good care of the contract and the regular notes, identify problems and reflect to the business sector or consumer associations.