Wedding photography is one of consumer complaint hot spots in Liaoning province

Xinhua learned from the Liaoning Provincial trade and Industry Bureau, network group dispute, home building materials, wedding photography has become a consumer rights complaint the three main areas of focus in the first half of this year.


the first half of 2011, the Liaoning Provincial trade and Industry Bureau level handled 12315 command center consumer, operator demands more than 120,000 pieces of receiving safeguarding consumers ' complaints more than 10,000 pieces. Emerging human rights complaint hot spots are concentrated in three areas:


network group disputes. Reflecting the issues more focused are: service commitments not met, service delays, reducing the quality of service, modification of a service contract, fraud.


home, more than building issues. Such as consumer purchases of furniture, broken in the shipping process, businesses do not take responsibility; the operator pulled and consumers of the full book of furniture, shop (rental counter) refused to take responsibility.


wedding photography problem. Photos taken more ownership issues when shooting, consumer goods lost or damaged; transfer or after receiving photography shop closing, consumers everywhere or to receive photos and so on.