Wedding into complaints "disastrous" year of nearly 50%

Marriage, wedding, it is a happy event, but members of the public on the real Ann goat--lost their wedding photo Studio does not say, avoided each other for various reasons prevarication, denial of compensation.  


"lost their wedding photos, not only to apologize, and she was a deadbeat! "Talk about photos being lost, Miss Wang is still angry.  


a few days ago, Miss Wang to the Studio when you take photos, staff told her that because the Studio moved the wedding to be lost. She was very angry and immediately request damages from the Studio, but always for a variety of reasons to avoid, but under the King complained to the consumer protection Committee, laixi, Miss.  


investigation by the staff of the consumer protection Committee, constitutes a contract relationship between consumers and Studio, Miss Wang, take pictures as the entrusted person's obligation to pay fees, Photo Studio as a Contracting Party should take pictures will perform the obligations and results of the work entrusted to the people. After mediation, the Studio eventually agreed to 1698 for a full refund.  


wedding into complaints "disastrous", annual increases of nearly 50%  


reporters learned from the laixi Bureau, currently Lacey has engaged in wedding services for enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, 122 years cost of nearly RMB. But because of the wedding industry lack uniform standards, market access in China is low, the quality is not high, which caused consumer complaints have also occurred. 2011, the business sector has settled 17 wedding service complaints, 41.7% more than last year, reflected in the provisions of the King, quality of service, price gouging and other aspects.  


to this end, laixi Bureau taking the standard wedding market, setting up wedding Association, developed the implementation contract, improving early warning mechanisms and other measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It is reported that the business law enforcement officers through the wedding photo studio, wedding services, bridal shops, flower shops, car rental companies and other market players out, crack down on unlicensed "black wedding", to regulate the wedding market. In addition, through the holding of seminars, questionnaires, online consultation form ask for the wedding industry, lawyers, representatives of consumer opinions and recommendations on services, fees, their rights and obligations, liability for breach of, payment, contract amendment and assignment agreement. And the wedding industry contract demonstration text can be used as an important basis for rating the wedding industry and improve a scientific, standardized and binding contract demonstration text.  

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