Wedding dresses custom whipped up low-carbon wedding dresses to buy back the wind

Wedding dress as a most important moment in the life of a woman gorgeous dress, in recent years, become an indispensable element in the Chinese bride wedding. Specially tailored according to bride figure wedding custom is also sought after by a large number of fashion beautiful bride. However, the wedding dress after the wedding is idle in the closet, take up space, and some waste.


private customized wedding dress became popular


in today's stressing personalized service, more intimate services related to wedding dresses wedding dresses custom business noticed. A few days ago, opened its first flagship store in Beijing, and has over 6 years experience in wedding dresses custom--in deep white private custom wedding dresses custom introducing Reuse ideas, wedding custom in the process of sample loss the, launched a wedding--to buy back service, repeated use of low carbon and environmental protection concept into the wedding custom.


"our commitment to our customers is usually in deep white custom made wedding dresses, consumers purchase over one year as long as there is no damage, deep white will repurchase at more competitive prices. "Deep white private custom official said.  

private customized wedding dress get more attention


deep white private customized marketing director Chen said the buyback program is to provide customers with more intimate and personalized service, just like the customized private exclusive concepts, but also hope that through corporate citizenship practices in wedding dress buy-back program, and assume the corresponding social responsibilities, and aroused the concern of people on low-carbon life.


in addition, deep white private custom also held regular monthly "wedding private sharing", "make me a ' sewing ' afternoon" and other special events, share better life experiences with urban fashion women, sought after by young persons group of the pursuit of high quality and a better life.