Trigger of the naked wedding wedding market polarization

One of the film's naked wedding sparked wedding market debate this summer: without borrowing, even with "low naked wedding" or a fancy dinner parties, large diamond ring and luxury wedding cars and generation as the main "couples" are faced with a different choice. Reporters found that the wedding market this summer, "polarization" is very clear, "who pays" into couples choose weddings key factors.


"low-key naked marriage" actually but


"I actually got married two months, but still don't know many of my colleagues and friends. "" Low-key naked marriage "Hou Xiaojie laughs that he was not to be fashionable, half the reason is" helpless ". When Miss honey is a college student, 109 years old married not too early. But because of the limited income, buy a House, buy a car and "dream wedding" are too extravagant. Miss Hou told reporters that the wedding day they did not leave, "leading card back to work", house rent house, a pair of platinum wedding rings is 4000 Yuan prime ring, wedding no.


but inside, Hou Xiaojie was hoping for a Grand wedding ceremony. "I don't want to get ' naked wedding ' fashion, but my parents saved, we ourselves are not in Beijing's ability to act. Two feelings can only convince yourself is really good. "She said, hoping that after two years of work can be very good, even back home to run a job, or make a beautiful bride.


in Beijing, such as Miss Hou that "helpless naked marriages" were common; more expensive wedding costs, more and more exquisite and luxurious wedding, let the attitude of many young people from "can't" into "simply do not do."


high-end wedding for two or three days


since 2008, Beijing luxury hotel wedding prices rising roughly 10% per cent a year. This year, diamond rings, wedding dresses and flowers prices also rose sharply, increase the cost of the couple's wedding. But even so, the high-star hotel "wedding" is still hot market.


"off season wedding banquet price is 3980 per table, season 4680 table; couples are now booked six months in advance, and some ' good day ' has been booked a year in advance. "Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou official told reporters. In recently Intercontinental Hotel Group held of "large wedding show" Shang, 12 home four star, and five-star high-end hotel while launched has preparing for "wedding season" of wedding creative, and luxury married banquet and hotel site show,, everywhere reveals "fine luxury": natural lighting of no column type thousand people Ballroom, green full of lawn garden, and Western wedding completely standards of Sun shanty as not deficiency.


high-end wedding "series" was evident. "Many couples choose to stay one more night at the hotel in advance, so you can have room to rest, makeup and deployment time. "InterContinental Hotels Group official said the night before the wedding," the Bachelor Party "and the evening" Friends thank you "tends to make the wedding process is extended to two or three days, of course, costs more.


"luxury wedding" parent support


"our total cost of 150,000 yuan for the wedding. "Just was held in a hotel" personalized wedding "Shang Xiaojie said their wedding was sponsored by the parents. As wedding guests are mostly friends of the fathers, your boss and colleagues, they also organized a dinner for friends ' buffet parties, the whole wedding for two days, bridal gowns for the 7. "With our own ability is impossible to do so. ”


Mr and Miss are all people of Yunnan, two are friends, and have only one child, weddings particularly solemn. They specifically requested hotels will be weddings make Yunnan flavor, also highlighting a minority flowers, fabrics and layout style. Reporters learned this kind of "themed" wedding cost about ordinary wedding 20% more at least.


reporters found that most of the operators "expensive wedding" generation newcomers, whose wedding spending is determined by both parents "swept"; the wedding process compares the traditional, solemn and serious, invited guests and friends are their elders. "' Home ' more willing to do things for their children to spend money. "A five-star hotel food and beverage manager told reporters in October of this year" the good life "would have booked single wedding cost more than 50,000 accounted for 80%.