Shanghai will become the nation's first wedding, Qinhuangdao road Terminal

In future, Huangpu River excursion terminals will be based on individual, group, wedding, Business Charter and other different repackaging location. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Shanghai Tourism Management Office of the leading group on the water, according to the plan, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao road terminal will be the first Terminal specifically for wedding, new shop 16 terminals would be built "on the water bus stop".


over 500 wedding order on the river


River tour including has bulk guest, and team, and wedding and business package ship, 4 big class service content, different of service, visitors of needs also the not same, bulk guest requirements can convenient with to with go, wedding is requirements site open, has must of private sex, however from status view, regardless of is which a passenger, are must first to new 16 Pu terminal or big up Terminal, to took Shang River tour ship. According to the plan, in the future, new 16 area a shop terminal will be positioned to fit terminals a, b will be the team dock.


in addition, Shanghai and Qinhuangdao road terminal will be the first Terminal specifically for wedding. Official, Wed in the Huangpu River, has always been fashionable young people like. This year, according to conservative estimates, weddings on the Huangpu River tour boat had received 500 orders.


are considered Terminal, Qinhuangdao road, because during the Expo, Terminal, Qinhuangdao road water gate as a use, and has a very good hardware condition. Officials also said that the preliminary investigation found that Terminal, Qinhuangdao road venues are very open and suitable for major ceremonies are held, which is not available to the other terminals. "We on the layout, design and renovation of the Terminal, will also focus on packaging wedding concept, for example, roll out the red carpet, building flower arches, walked into the new terminal, you will feel a celebration. ”


River cruise will have to go


yesterday, Huangpu River tour market also official launched has "world tour game" new route, in "world tour game" during (July 16 to 24th) launched "world tour game" venues around River tour expand flights, daily arrangements 3 a business flights (Visual market situation increased), new 16 Pu terminal by East Sports Center near waters, to fair road Terminal Hou turned returns new 16 Pu Terminal, full about 2 hours 15 minutes around. "Voyages more common Huangpu River tour boats extended the 1 time, fares are still 100 Yuan. "Is worthy of attention, the World Swimming Championship 22 of route from 8 Huangpu River cruise companies cruise ships take turns implementing the new routes.


in addition, water tourism-led group also plans new shop 16 terminals to establish "water bus stop" on the water is similar to the establishment of a Shanghai tourist distribution centre. "We consolidated all tour boat, the price is unified to ensure release frequency of 1 per hour, people can pick the time to come on board, along with a go. ”