Luxury wedding jewelry wedding rental market day make a million

Leasing a high-end jewelry and wedding dresses, have become required items when many couples holding a wedding ceremony. Yesterday, run on consignment company told reporters that the company prepared more than 3,000 sets of high-end jewellery, wedding dress, from October 1 to 8th schedule have all been leased out.


wedding ceremony is an important moment in life, many people wanted to wear high fashion photo, but some exaggerated jewelry and wedding dress, photographed in peacetime is not used after, more suitable for rent with, it will save you a small fee. Beijing run on consignment company manager Lu said lubricant, the company launched the jewellery rental business, the main customer is the wedding company and some of the stars. After the Corporation rentals wedding jewellery and wedding, and then available to be used for the married couple. It is reported that stars rental of high-end luxury goods, handbags, followed by strange exaggerated costume. "Star is focused on brand awareness, also like not very well-known, but a strange shape for photogenic costumes. Newcomers renting high-end luxury brand awareness is not very strong, but requires that it be beautiful, elegant and highly decorated. ”


reporters in Beijing run on consignment in the company's flagship store in Wangfujing, a Hermes handbag, priced at around 100,000 yuan in the market, daily rental price is 2500. A crocodile skin Hermes handbag, market price for 750,000 yuan, second-hand prices have gone up to 900,000 yuan, daily rental price is 30,000 yuan. Suitable for couple's wedding rentals is a full-service jewelry includes headdress, earrings, Stud Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and wedding dresses. "We provide wedding dresses are the latest style, leased about 10 times on the destruction of no, and furnish a new. "It is learnt that a market price of 1 million Yuan is a full-service jewelry Bridal Suite, daily rental price is around 18,000 yuan.


Lu said lubricant, not weddings peak in the summer, but recently the married couple have to order in advance, booking of high-end luxury rentals. Company currently has more than 3,000 units for the couple's jewelry and wedding rental items, this year's national day holiday period have all been leased out.