Legislative oath of marriage registration announcement system confirmation

Zhongguancun in Beijing Chang and Ms LI, arrived early in the morning, Haidian District marriage registry marriage. After the confirmation of identity on both sides, Mr CHEUNG and Ms Li took to oath and registrars study under the guidance of relevant provisions of the law, then both signatures, fingerprints, obtain a marriage certificate.


Registrar, told reporters the marriage register, known as "marriage ceremony" new form, acceptable to more and more young people.


refraction marriage legislation progress


This is called "marriage oath system" new ways, instead of traditional single model of marriage registration certificate, increases on the basis of the previous marriage married oath and certification ceremony of two elements.


Mr CHEUNG referred to the previous text, which let the couple got married from this sacred moment, bearing in mind their moral responsibility and legal liability. "This sacred oath makes us feel the love of eternal and the sanctity of marriage, this precious moments will remain forever in our memory. ”


this approach has also been affirmed by the relevant departments of the State. The Ministry of Civil Affairs released in 2007 on "Eleven-Five" opinions on further promoting standardization of the marriage registration for the period proposed in the next few years, China will actively promote marriage free certification systems and establishment Licensing Office, the certification ceremony into the registration process to improve the marriage party of marriage and family law, strengthening marriage and family responsibility.


"the change of China's marriage registration system, with the enactment, amendment of the marriage law and the marriage is closely related to the development and change of the situation, also reflects the concept of China's marriage legislation changes. New marriage registration system to fully protect citizens ' right to privacy as the guiding ideology, weaken the administration of color, full publicity of individual autonomy and responsibility and the right to personal autonomy, such as the right to decide for themselves. "Professor of China University of politics and law, PhD, Chairman of the law society family law society of China Xia Yinlan said.


it is in this context, all over exploring vows system was introduced.


sworn legislative identify


at present, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuxi and other many places clear registration of marriage registration office have launched a marriage relationship, marriage oath enhanced liability, certification ceremony recorded the sacred moments of emotional ties to the new service.


in 2003, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs on further doing several jobs, such as notification of the registration of marriage marriage registration required in institutionalized and standardized and has its procedures. The province where there are conditions where are centralized for marriage registration. In a centralized place for marriage registration, registration of marriage certificate issuing ceremony. To pass the certification ceremony, the wedding party feel the solemn and sacred law, clear both the rights, obligations and responsibilities in marriage and family, equality, harmony, contentment and happiness of the family and lay a solid foundation.


but the wedding oath system has been implemented in some places over the years, it has been stipulated in the law.


"oath of marriage system, need to be confirmed in legislation to further improve our formality requirements in respect of marriage, adapted to the requirements of the times. "Administrative cadre Institute of politics and law professor Wu Guoping, Deputy Director of Fujian province put forward.


"the oath is the embodiment of a commitment to a marriage party, including marriage commitment obligations and responsibilities in marriage, which is set up on the system level for all, honesty and respect and trust for strong measures. "Wu Guoping think, while, married sworn simplified has marriage registration procedures, replaced has past by units issued marriage status proved of not reasonable practices, meet national through administrative means on personal life of intervention are gradually reduced of trend, and makes personal of privacy get more of respect, convenient party perform marriage procedures, reflected has" people "of civil concept; on the, awarded card ceremony to people to solemn sacred of feel, can let party both are set up a responsible, each other respect, each other love, Common bear full legal consequences for his marriage, and will give the parties leave fond memories of life, conducive to family harmony and stability.


recommended wedding announcement system into law


and vows system similar to many law experts suggest that in the future when revising the marriage law, marriage announcement system should be introduced.


wedding announcement system, that is, before the party officially got married one week or two weeks, married two news bulletins, no objections during the notice period can be formally married.


back in 2001 when we discussed draft amendments to the marriage law, experts recommend marriage announcement system should be set up. But have a different view, amendments to the marriage law does not provide for such a system.


it is understood that the marriage announcement system in foreign countries there has been, in the middle ages the Church in Europe may be required by law for this. At present, Italy, and Switzerland, and France, and Australia and other countries are provided for in the marriage notice or notification system.


wedding announcement system charged with reviewing, monitoring function of marriage parties the existence of marriage obstacles, to ensure the legitimacy of the establishment of marriage has played a very important role. "The establishment of banns, the purpose of the system, in order to ensure the quality and credibility of marriage registration, prevention and suppression of illegal marriage. "Wu Guoping professor said, through married announcement, while will party of married information public, reflected has national on party married behavior of care and support, enhanced has married review of effectiveness, and conducive to play social on marriage established of supervision role; on the, can prompted party seriously carefully to treats married problem, prevent party hide about married matters in the of obstacles, conducive to prevent hasty married and fake married, and cheat married, and bigamy behavior of occurred, from legal Shang maintenance party of lawful rights and interests of.


Wu Guoping recommended, should be in accordance with the regulation on marriage registration "principle of convenience" task for bulletins free way to avoid increasing the financial burden of the marriage the parties. Meanwhile, the scope of the bulletin be relaxed, except set at the marriage registration office shall be published in the bulletin, but could also be considered authorized by the marriage registration office of subdistrict offices, residents ' and villagers ' committees assist with the banns, marriage parties are so convenient, can also play the banns.