First wedding in central China Culture Festival lifted Chinese wedding style

On July 17, 2011, the opening of the first wedding Festival in central China in the Han dynasty. Festivals around China showed six different styles of classical wedding wedding mode, crowded, the atmosphere was very warm, traditional Chinese wedding by the blitz. "The clouds kind of Lam Tin, hundred years good; red silk hand embroidery threads, the thousand years marriage. "The bride and groom wore a" top service "," fengguanxiapei ", first bride and then lift the veil, Dragon and Phoenix candles, and finally to parents and serve them tea ... ... Chinese wedding full of classic charm has attracted many viewers took out his camera. "This is a new trend in the wedding market in Wuhan. Authentic Chinese wedding Chinese traditional culture, is also sought after by generation wave of new fashion. "People in the industry said.


with Wuhan of wedding culture grade of improve, new for new wedding mode select of rich, times and classical culture of needs, Central first China culture wedding Festival will for Johnson new and wedding industry provides Palace dishes Banquet, jewelry, and photography, and tourism, and wine class, and sugar, and makeup and so on project of show and select, while, will Grand staged six scene China culture art wedding show.


Chinese cultural and artistic wedding is based on elements of classical Chinese culture and festival culture, combined with the wedding ceremonies in the era to meet different wedding mode, needs new people, to China's own unique way, with atmosphere, elegant, noble, elegant, graceful, beautiful, festive style, wedding mode of interpretation.


it is reported that the six chapters of China's cultural and artistic wedding, are days from Wuhan red wedding cultural communication, hand in hand, Wuhan City, the major senior scholars together to create the new Chair and wedding culture. Its content respectively is first article chapter-national wedding host contest Gold winner, famous English bilingual host, famous sand artist, wedding culture scholars hejia teacher Bell Chu days; national wedding host contest copper award, and Hubei Division Silver, and best lines Award winner, China literature wedding brand founder, wedding culture scholars Zijun teacher recalled South; national wedding host contest national Gold winner, English bilingual host, sand artist, practice industry lawyer, to Yang teacher summer sand National host contest Silver Prize winner of the wedding, the new mode of Chinese wedding pioneers Wang Ping teacher of the blue and white porcelain; national wedding host tournament silver medal winner, trainer, teacher Wei Xing, Chinese festival culture auspices of the wedding; the first national wedding host contest "top ten wedding facilitator", Chinese festival culture Chair of music teacher playing matchmaker.


this activity was Wuhan wedding industry leaders at all levels, the host Union, support from all the wedding industry participation and common building.