Big s wedding to promote Sanya wedding market hero

On July 7 this year, Conrad in haitang Bay Hotel held a "million wedding show" as Sanya samples were even built the first theme wedding packages products, attracting attention from dozens of media outlets across the country, many of whom were involved in the reported 3 months ago s and Wang in haitang Bay wedding. New media was impressed wedding vacation package, they exclaim: Sanya, a new era will usher in the wedding on a holiday!


15 hard wedding market


on November 18, 1996, 50 pairs of couple miles to the horizon and stone at home and abroad, organizing mass weddings, this is the first ends the international wedding Festival, Sanya start enter the wedding holiday market. Since then, the annual wedding Festival become Sanya people loved brand of cultural tourism.


but 15 years later, newcomers from dozens of participating in the wedding section increased to hundreds, media reported the wedding section consists of a few homes also increased to dozens of homes, however, wedding planners: "festivals annually, the effect is very general. "For 15 years, although Chinese and foreign tourists to Sanya, wedding and holiday to Sanya wedding photos became a kind of fashion, attracting their unique tourism resources in Sanya, inadequate participation in related industry, wedding product, product development stalled and other problems.


in a Word, Sanya tourism industry is committed to creating wedding brand has more than 15 years, but have not been able to launch with the wedding vacation features of market appeal. "Fight 15 too long!" Head of the Sanya Tourism Association, said it is undeniable that wedding day set a wedding brand for Sanya, such means of promotion are not converted into market drivers, did not promote Sanya forming wedding hotel chain. In recent years, celebrities have wed in Sanya. The celebrity driving under, a new turn in the wedding market in Sanya.  

home business gold higher


on November 6, 2008, Chinese gymnast Yang Wei and Yang at the ends of marriage. Although this "fried marriage" controversial activity, but gains to Sanya. A new concept emerged: mass wedding ceremony can be held in Sanya, or romantic, luxury high-end wedding.


in March this year, well-known artist big s and Wang's wedding at the new Conrad haitang Bay Hotel, more attracted to the Mainland as well as Hong Kong, Macao and other national media attention.


"in fact, in recent years, Sanya every Marina luxury hotel hosting is similar to high-end wedding celebrity wedding holiday. "Aegean Coast Recreation and annual holidays Hotel General Manager Jiang Yong said that since 2008, the Bay areas only such wedding reception will have reached hundreds of, many of which came from Russia, and India, as well as Korea's high-end wedding.


"wedding home business is not bad money. "Sanya tourist circle said, because of the reputation, many wedding is through various channels to come. Wedding also is higher than the gold of the meeting, dozens of high-end wedding spending even more than 800,000 yuan, is very considerable.


However, since there is no professional team and specialty products, high-end wedding, there can only be a guerrilla war like "one by one". However, visitors to the creative, professional wedding planning and wedding services are increasingly high requirements. Many high-end customers were disappointed after the wedding in Sanya, Sanya, it also lost a number of follow-up with customers.


niche market coincided with the time


and recent celebrity wedding effect, was gradually clarified by Sanya tourism industry markets new direction.


on July 7, "million wedding show" scene, in addition to outside the luxury seaside wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions, wedding products also contain tuyangjiehe this topic "single farewell ceremony", Fireworks and a Sea cruise honeymoon vacation, activities, the full integration of tourism resources in Sanya. Professional wedding planning company from Beijing and Sanya tourism cooperation for the first time, open the Sanya wedding holiday market new models of cooperation.


"at present, wedding hotel in Sanya markets must be subdivided. "Sanya City tourism association, said kaiqiang Liu, INtime resort hotel, Sanya should introduce the different types of wedding vacation package to meet the needs of different consumer groups. Previously, Sanya hotels are the main wedding reception next, professional creative team, targeted marketing and development team as well as products of other suppliers and should play a pivotal role in wedding hotel chain.


said Du Liyin, Director of the Sanya Tourism Development Committee, Sanya tourism industry in holding the traditional market at the same time, but also to sharp market insight, innovative products, to attract holiday wedding, feature Sanya into a wedding destination.