Beijing divorce rate of growth in six years in a row over the marriage

Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau's latest 2010 statistical report on development of Beijing civil administration, which revealed for the first time the city's divorce statistics.


2010 138104 couples registered for marriage in the city, 32595 couples registered divorces, and ratio of approximately 4:1. Compared to 2010 the number of divorces in 2004, increased by more than 50%. And divorce in the city for 6 consecutive years, divorce rate and growth, faster than the changes in the number of marriages in the same period. This morning, the reporter compared, since 2004, the per capita GDP values found in number of divorces and synchronized growth in the per capita GDP.


data presentation


divorced last year 50% growth over 2004 year


statistical figures show that the number of divorces in this city for 6 consecutive years. 2004 the number of divorces in this city of about 21,000, after 4 years, every year the number of divorces increased from the previous year around 1000. Since 2009, the marked increase in the number of divorces per year, respectively, compared to the previous year increased approximately 2700 and 2600. 2010 32595 couples registered divorces, compared to 2004 in 21013 11582 more, an increase of more than 50%.


divorces grew faster than number married growth over the same period


statistical figures show that the number of marriages from 2004 to 2010, there is more than one year fell, as in 2005 than 2004, 30,000 in 2010 than 2009 year and 43,000. Compared with changes in the number of marriages, divorce trends in growth and growth, faster than the changes in the number of marriages in the same period. Among them, the 2008 divorce rate of 3.2% 2009 growth rate of divorce "jumped" to 9.9%. 2009 wedding rate but lower than in 2008 2%. Divorce rate has been "run" in front of the married rate.


reason analysis


women's economic independence is not attached to her husband


analysis of the Civil Affairs Bureau official, as GDP "surge" role of economic factors in marriage relationships also "grew". At present, the economic, social, cultural and other factors that are likely to be the causes of the rising divorce rate. Due to economic profit-and-loss caused by divorce, the increase in the number.


the official stressed, in particular, for nearly two years because of the economic reason of divorce more. "Before the man's shoulder ' bacon ', ' task ', but now, women's economic independence, no longer attached men and because there are no sources, if friction or conflict in life, the woman no longer make their living because of the economic conditions do not allow. "The official said.


increased economic pressure to ignore feelings among couples


human experts, Professor at the Central University of nationalities lanlinyou that, along with rising prices, inflation, one of the increasingly high cost of living, more and more pressure. This makes the couple's feelings mixed with a growing number of other content, becomes more vulnerable. Meanwhile, which the society as a whole "money worship", led to a General "social security" crisis, mistakenly think that money is the safest. Struggling to ignore the necessary communication and exchange with a partner, as the marriage's biggest "invisible killer".


busy with the promotion and pay rise, ignoring the concerned partners; overtime late, reducing communication between couples; increased travel, socializing, couple time shorter and shorter. A long time, inevitably result in marital pale, two people's hearts away. Increased pressure results in reducing people's sense of happiness and life, feeling anxious and make the relationships "inflammable", without a word said could spark quarrels, eventually tired of noisy left.