Affordable wedding market "thin marriage" idea popular

Also for the wedding naked marriage tangle of new people, now has a new marriage. Reporters found that in recent days, a cross between a naked wedding and lavish wedding between "thin marriage" concept increasingly popular, new people used such wedding, wedding packages, DIY invitations, such as consumer goods, practicing simple, naive, generous, principles of personality and romantic, fun.


also is early into social, economic relative thin of young, but and "nude married" that not buy room, and not buy car, and not do wedding even no married ring and directly led card married way different of is, "thin married" advocates personally arranged married, through simplified traditional process, network purchased wedding, and candy, self-timer wedding, variety way, build personality and affordable of married way, to save large wedding overhead, to himself and both family burden.


Sun Xu, May marry in the Forum "my non-naked wedding civil ceremony to save money", her candy, candy boxes, invitations, video is made by scouring online shopping platform, it's cheap. On another forum the Sun "married," Mr Stone, also from the wedding car, wedding photos, site layout, wedding party, wedding, ceremony, cameras at all given their own "cost of happiness": the borrowed car to friends and family; car recycling sign in table flower wholesale shopping experienced friend to do MC, video. Buy new choices to become new people, now has a dedicated wedding sites on the online shopping platform, are groups such as photography, wedding, jewelry, wedding buying, travel wedding, wedding dress, wedding planning, Bridal makeup, wedding car rental, buy.