2011 wedding style transformation of love MV movie

When generation wedding became popular, when more and more wedding style personality, when people are tired of the new millenium will POSE as more and more people see through the thin gown photos, when love can be reproduced, can be when interpreting, new people to love and be loved by taste images back to a love this true taste of happiness! Love MV film love to rediscover the past real.


masterpiece starring newcomers were given personality of youthful dreams of love MV movie has infinite value and immortal treasures of significance! Acquaintance, friend, love to love the journey into love MV movies, not only their own sweet, also love reliving it again of course, would be a romantic thing. This romantic luxury just a few years ago, but now it has become a trend.


wedding photography studio in Beijing, new people have a better experience, not only can make beautiful personalized wedding photo in Beijing and will shoot a love story love MV movie yourself forever.


met on campus, at the stadium in love and married after graduation ... ... Ever met love piece, into a film starring himself. In front of the photographer's lens "memories" bride and groom fell in love in the past.


love MV movie using "environment heighten the character" approach. Apart from the story, but you will also notice technique is different, ordinary wedding photo people view small traces pose is very heavy, but love MV movies pay more attention to the couple's deduction, captured in the dynamic of the couple.


it is understood that the MV love films mainly outside view, select locations according to the couple's love story, place where they meet, but also making love in the deepest memory of places, but also makes the right spots, Director, according to the couple's romance plot film programme.