2011 bridal opportunities hidden billions of the consumption potential

According to wedding Association statistics show, married rose 15% in the number this year. It is understood that, at present, Tianjin City's hundreds of wedding bookings of the company's business has increased compared to last year, with the level of wedding service prices rose 20%-30%.


not only so, according to statistics, currently has determine this year married or reservation married banquet of new has over 100,000 on, to average each sets wedding 1000 Yuan calculation, 30% of new purchase dress on means with: this year bride loaded market will formed about 30 million yuan of consumption potential, if plus new mothering, uses of daily bride loaded, consumption and high-end wedding custom and the wedding rental, returns, this year bride loaded market is expected to choose this Shang billion yuan is not difficult.


wedding discounts most Red


"buy a wedding dress of their own, are clean and memorable. "Online to buy a white Miss Chen said. Miss Chen out of the many voices of bride. Meanwhile, the author browses to a number of wedding dresses and gowns sales outlets and found, in the shop, many just buy the wedding dress of bride left his contact in the evaluation of the comments and the wedding, wedding dress after the wedding you can sell, which has just finished a wedding the bride's second hand wedding dress's popularity on the Internet more and more.

in addition, special wedding dress has become the Studio's promotion. Fuxiaojie said: "when I shoot the wedding photo studio, filming more than 8000 series can enjoy the special custom wedding dress, only 298 Yuan can tailor a professional wedding dress, and the style and workmanship is very good. ”


million wedding dress not short of buyers


"buy online wedding dress does impact on our business is not small. "In the alley undertakings wedding sister Zhao said:" wedding here see tangible, doesn't fit can also help you change. "I learned that in the alley near the bridal shop to buy a basic white yarn ranging from 1000 to 5000 Yuan, some wedding companies to undertake custom wedding cost is 4000 to 5000 Yuan.

high end custom wedding dresses are also popular choices these days. "Imported thick satin plus Ou Gensha, imports also made nearly a hundred crystals, the white yarn I used 12890 customization. "Miss Cheung said. Customization is also divided into the so-called style and produced according to the customer requirements in two ways. The former minimum to 1000 or more, while the latter is a customer specified style, cost more than 10000 Yuan.


"half dress" the most sought after


recently, many malls, such as red, pink women's suits sales increased by 20%. People Miss LI bought a 1980 's pink skirt suit, she said: "see, back home and visit when you can wear. ”


in addition to traditional dress, dresses, but some fast fashion brand dress designed by bold colors and price at less than 800 Yuan, also popular with generation bride's favorite. "Like our little dresses, Pink is satin material, both stylish and luxurious. Usually wear out to a denim or leather jacket on the line. "Fashion brand sales personnel, falls somewhere in between dress and casual" half dress "is today's most popular bridal market products.


rental market falls times


most newcomers to the wedding still choose to hire. Wedding dress rental market this year from 300 yuan to 50,000 yuan, the price difference of one hundred or two hundred times. It is understood that some bridal shops operating in the apartment, store rent, plus more oral advertising, low cost, minimum 80 Yuan you can rent a dress, and generally free loan of a bridesmaid dress.


it is understood that the rental prices at thousands of Yuan, the high will reached million. "Single white 1000 afford to rent dresses ranging from 500 to 2000 Yuan. "A Studio on Nanjing Road salesperson:" photography wedding give you 75 percent off, white veil and dress each rent at 1000 to 4000 Yuan. "And the concept of a high-end wedding store international brand of wedding rentals up to 50000 Yuan, the store gift shop personnel, wedding dresses here are some works of famous designers, so the price is expensive.